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Mystery calls help identify missed opportunities in order to capture more revenue and profit.

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Sales & Catering Training

Our training courses are delivered in a consistent, professional format. The web-based classes are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Check out our current course listing below.

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Reservations Training

The STAR Workshop (Sales Training for Agents in Reservations) is an all inclusive reservation sales agent training program. What the workshop covers is the "Selling Process", step-by-step, in full detail.

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Responsible Alcohol and Food Safety Training

Each training course is delivered in a consistent- professional format.

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Effective Training

Professional training delivered in a professional format. It is the same each and every time the participants go through it. provides affordable training that is available to you and your staff week after week, month after month. Traditional face-to-face training programs can be effective but they can also be very expensive and time consuming. Consequently, training seminars are often held all too infrequently because of these cost and time constraints.

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Handling the Inquiry
"The format is great because if you miss something you can go back and confirm understanding."
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The STAR Workshop
"I definitely enjoyed hearing the audio portions of this training... it makes understanding the concepts much easier, hearing them being put into practice." [ more testimonials ]