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Mystery Calls

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What Do Mystery Calls Do For You?

  • They identify missed opportunities to capture more revenue and profit.
  • They provide an assessment of the training your employees have received. They are an opportunity to see how "knowledge" is put into "practice."
  • They provide the most effective opportunity of researching and measuring adherence to established standards created by training or operating procedures.
  • They create accountability, not only for staff members but also for management.

Why Are Mystery Calls Important?

  • Is your hotel referring any or all of its incoming reservation calls to your Franchise Call Center? If you are then Mystery Calls can critique the efforts of the call center to make sure your hotel is being treated fairly and provided with the level of service you and your guests expect. Each call is an expense, are you getting the most for it?
  • Do you know what your competition is doing? If not then Mystery Calls will provide an understanding of what the competition is quoting for rates and packages. It can also help you find out what they are saying about your hotel.
  • How are the skills of the sales and catering staff at your competitor? Mystery Calls will help identify salespeople with superior sales skills so you'll know where to find a new manager when you need one.

Why doesn't know your competition. We don't know your staff. We don't know your market area. We do know we can provide an unbiased, third party analysis of each call and situation. We can provide you with a side-by-side analysis of calls to your hotel, and your competition, so you can see where your hotel stands in relation to the rest of your competition.

Remember, Mystery Calls are an assessment tool that help you manage your operation and if it needs to be managed then it needs to be measured!