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Mystery Shopping Calls: Sales/Catering

Mystery Shopping Calls, or Quality Assurance Calls, provide an important assessment of your sales and catering managers' efforts in selling your hotel's features and benefits based on the standards the hotel has created. They may be well trained and have a great deal of experience but are they performing to the best of their abilities on each and every call.

In addition, these calls can be used to shop your competitors. There are several reasons for doing these calls:

  • Determine the sales skill level of a potential new hire.
  • Identify high quality sales and catering prospects for your hotel.
  • Understand the room rates being quoted over certain times of the year.
  • Meeting room rental/setup rates.
  • What are they saying, if anything, about your hotel when it is mentioned as a possible competitor?

Send us an e-mail requesting a complimentary shop and we will be happy to do one for you.